Sunday, April 20, 2008

An alternative to o2mania -O2SOLO-

For those of you who want an alternative to O2mania, I'd like to recommend "O2solo".
Developed and released by Nsisn circa 2006, O2solo features a simple music list maker and buyable avatar items. Jammers can also choose speed settings of up to X8. Everything is in Chinese due to the client originating from O2 China. However, with the Chinese client, speed jammers would be able to challenge themselves with the X8 speed setting as opposed to Mo2's "revolutinary" XR.

Here's an idiot's guide on how to get O2Solo running:

1. After downloading and extracting o2solo, double click "O2JamSolo -We love O2JAM!, Night snow is sound nothing!-" (I know, I know, the English!) Make sure you transfer your o2jam music files (ojn & ojm) into the MUSIC folder, placed in the same folder as O2JamSolo.

2. Click on "Nsisn"

3. You may choose your nickname, level & gender in this window. Type 1 for male or 0 for female in the SEX "box". Gem, MCash and EXP are set at 10,000 by default.

4. Next, click File->Make Music List
(For first time users or every time a new song is added into your MUSIC folder)

5. Click Make and wait for a few seconds for 3 windows pop up. Press OK on all 3. Then press close.
The o2jam client only supports up to a maximum of approx. 367 songs. Any more than that and O2solo won't function properly.

6. Click on Let's GO and any of the buttons on the Run Solo window.

7. Input any Username and Password in the login screen and you're good to go.

-Next, bugs and known issues-

Friday, April 18, 2008

End of Fight

Yup, its the end of the fight for o2jam's survival. A sad but inevitable ending to the game I've played for 5 years.

Its' ironic. During the course of setting up O2jam Battle Arena! I was appointed as a forum moderator. My so called noble principles led me to halt with carrying on with the private server.

Thank you Stanley for appointing a GM of a private server as a forum moderator! You rock!

Oh wait, you didn't know.

Anyway, to prove myself, I tracked down the real hacker behind the stolen accounts. Down to his friendster, address & real name. Unfortunately, Stanley's manager couldn't careless about the hacker. Along with Maysuzie, we both cleared the flooding of his scam websites in the forum. Hundred of 'em.

In an attempt to pay their own salaries, the E-games management decided to scam o2jam customers. How?
-E-games E-bid
-False promises (renewal of contract my foot!)
-E-arena ( *WE scammed them instead)
After winning the early season of E-arena, I thought that its VERY possible to orchestrate a plan to set-up a "winner" for the coming seasons. We were successful :)

I don't believe one bit that the staff of E-games didn't know about the coming closure of o2jam. You don't fool me. Thank you very much.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Breaking News: An O2jam Revolution

Here's a teaser of what's to come to the World of o2jam!
*Hint* This is not o2jamX2 and is still under construction.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Launch Delayed

We regret to inform you that the official launch of O2Battle Arena! will be delayed for yet another month. In the meantime, do check out the other o2jam private servers mentioned in this site.

=o2battle arena team=

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

O2jam Hacking Services

It has come to my attention in the last month that someone (who shall remain unnamed) had copied my site layout for his "hacking service". However, he has since then apologized and made amendments to his site. O2jam Battle Arena! does not condone hacking of gems and experience in o2jam but here is the link to the site anyway.

O2jam Hacking Services

Following the launch of the website was the inanity of several e-games forumers who reported someone advertising the link to the website, including screenshots of the link itself! As expected, a certain Star Wars moderator clamped down on these illegal links.

Illegal Websites [Notice]

Monday, June 18, 2007

O2 Battle Arena Server will be temporarily ONLINE

The team has agreed to run the o2jam server temporarily on a de facto server before finalising the server migration. That said, the server will be on 24/7 as of today till server migration takes place. Scroll down to download the required setup files to begin playing! Experience and gem rate is multiplied by 10.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

O2GX joins the private server family

On a side note, yet another private server has spawned. Doesn't have any features worth mentioning though. Props for the forum design.

Check it out here O2GX

-O2Live surprises-!

The O2jam Live server presents innovative new features never seen before in other o2jam servers. Worth mentioning is the user status and automatic patcher feature. Check out the description below taken from the Ragezone forums.

Hi O2Jammers.

This is not new private server. The close beta server is already opened 11 days ago. Well, it's not a long time. But it's not new too.

This PS serve some new awesome features.
- Nice Website Design
- Friendly Community Members
- Shoutbox on the Community Forum
- Brand New Interface (Seasonly changed. For example, we serve a different Interface at christmas week on the future. We are currently using the default interface [with a little modification] because this is not christmas week :P)
- Partially English Language. Handy for people who can't read Chinese language.
- In-Game Itemshop (Hey, It was not cumbersome web-based item purchasing! It's In-Game. Really purchase the items in the game~!)
- Gift Items
- Top 1000 Jammers
- In-Game Jammunity with LiveShop inside
- Guild! (You can join or make a new guild)
- A lot of songs available
- 3 (Three) In-Game Currency [GEM, LivePoint, and LiveCoupon]
- 2 Methods of purchasing items (Deliver It! and LivePay)
- Secure payments with Shopping Pin Code
- User Status! (You can put your own status. It's simply like Busy, Available, Playing, Be Right Back, or something like that ^^ Let users knows that you are currently playing)
- 2 Levels of GM (GM and Sub-GM)
- Friends List
- Messaging System
- 4 Nice Notecharters (Including 1 Composer) from various countries
- Nice Automatic Patcher. You will be reminded automatically before start the game if there are new patches
- Music Shop
- Fast Instant Registration ( You will be registered under 1 minute i think ;) )
- Notice in the Patcher with Server Status. So user will knows if the server turned off.

It's nice? I think so.
But please note that we didn't use the official webdatas. We made it by ourself. Not hack it from the official servers.
The Close Beta 1 period is already opened 11 days ago. We allow 10 accounts registration at that time. Please note that our Close Beta 2 period will be opened soon. Probably 1-3 days to go with some improvements in the game. Fixed bugs, new features, new songs, and more.

We've planned that we will allow 30 accounts registration in the Close Beta 2 period. Check out our website and forum for more information related to our server. Find out how to join and to be a tester~!

Note: All close beta accounts will be deleted when Open Beta period started.

Our Forum (It's not specific (O2Live-only) forum. It was a community, but its not english community. But don't worry, There's O2Live forum which ppls must use english lang there) : IndoLive - Indonesian Live Gaming Community
Our Homepage (It's under construction! hehe) : O2Jam Live - The Living O2Jam Live
Our Music Library (To complete your songs~But under construction too :D) : O2Jam Live Music Library

Be a tester right now!
If you really wanna try our server performance right now, please contact me then I will make a close beta account for you.

Instant Registration is not available on Close Beta period 1. It will be available at Close Beta period 2, but it's limited to 30 accounts.
Prepare yourself for this extreme O2Jamming experiences!

Best Regards,

PS. Here's some screenshots. (Click it for bigger size)
Login Screen

Waiting Room

Music Shop

Top 1000 Jammers

Nice Automatic Patcher (Without Server Status =\ I haven't update it)

=\ The screenshot is enough for now

Keep in touch with this thread, and you will be updated.